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WP Speed Fix Review

About WP Speed Fix

WP Speed Fix is an WordPress Optimization site.

As you know, the speed of the site is one of the most important SEO factors. Google is very clear about it. If your website has quality content but not well in the speed, your website may lose the ranking on the search result.That’s not it! Even as a human factor, the people do not stay on that website for longer which load very slowly.

According to the latest stats, many companies do not only lose their website Google ranking because of slow speed but also potential customers. WP Speed Fix service does not just speed up your website loading time but also find and fix the root cause of this problem

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One Time Payment

WP Speed Fix Services

Their main service is to speed up with the loading time of a WordPress website. They do this by doing so many other tasks to ensure that their customers do not lose their website ranking and customers because of the slow speed website.

They also optimize the WordPress site and also done the caching configuration and tuning. The WP Speed Fix sets the HTTP2 and HTTPS protocol, upgrade the required version of PHP for better speed and fix the 404 errors. They offer more than 2 dozen different services to ensure 100% guaranteed results.

WP Speed Fix Features

We can’t talk about all the amazing features which WP Speed Fix is offering to their customers but some of the important one below:

  1. Page and posts caching configurations
  2. Sub 1 second load times with VPS migration
  3. WordPress database cleanup and optimization
  4. Anti heartbeat setup with HTAccess optimization
  5. Repair and review bad requests and 404 errors
  6. Image and video optimization for WP sites
  7. Free backup of the site before speed fix
  8. HTTPS implementation for better SEO ranking
  9. Free audit reports and regular reports of website

The company is offering all of these services at the same price. You can include more services according to your website requirements.

WP Speed Fix Prices

Currently, the company is offering two customer plans other than the free site speed audit report. These plans have been named as Standard and Business.

Standard: This plan starts at $179. This plan is designed for small business and personal websites to improve their website speed and fix all the errors which caused the problem.

Business: This plan starts at $249. This premium plan which has been designed for the business to fix and optimize the speed of their websites. It is ideally for the eCommerce websites as migration to Vultr VPS Host included in this.

Pros & Cons of WP Speed Fix




WP Speed Fix is a company that offers premium services to WordPress site owners. They do provide numerous services but the main service of their company is to find the cause of problems that making a WordPress site slow and also fix it in no time. Indeed, there are similar services available at the moment but WP Speed Fix is fast and more reliable.